Close Control Systems

  • RC- close control systems
  • New energy and performance standards require air conditioning systems with precise close control to achieve high reliability, better humidity and temperature control as well as part-load efficiency. These features are crucial for areas where close control units typically operate where cooling is business-critical; i.e. in data centers, mobile phone network exchanges and server rooms.

    Such cooling units need to operate reliably either continuously or intermittently and provide cooling in both compressor and free cooling modes. The maintenance of stable temperatures and humidity control are key design challenges in these applications, since they are used in environments where ambient temperatures often vary significantly during the day.

    Danfoss MicroChannel Heat Exchangers (MCHE) let you take advantage of low temperature fluctuation to create cooling systems that safeguard these sensitive technologies. Our compressors provide world-class efficiency ensuring lower running cost and reliable operation.


    What's in it for You?

    • Highly experienced air conditioning experts
    • Precise temperature control to safeguard sensitive equipment 
    • Compact, space-saving units 
    • Low energy consumption 
    • Optimized for environmentally friendly, low GWP refrigerants 
    • Reduced applied costs, short payback times and easy service
    • Dedicated customer service around the world


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