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  • CO2 Solutions
  • Danfoss has pioneered CO2 technologies for both transcritical and subcritical systems for more than ten years and has gained valuable experience from thousands of installations across six continents. The many installations have proved that CO2 can be applied in supermarkets enabling both environmentally friendly and energy saving systems in all types of stores.

    Danfoss continues to create new and more cost effective solutions, bringing new energy saving features to the market. The goal is always to increase return on investment without compromising quality in food retail refrigeration.


    What's in it for You?

    • CO2 optimized controls for a multitude of systems, including the ability to optimize transcritical CO2 COP on the fly 
    • Integrated heat recovery solution enabling delivery of full store demand for space heating and sanitary hot water 
    • Full line of PED and UL certified valves and automatic controls capable of standstill pressures (1300psi) and transcritical pressures (2000psi) for trouble-free operation
    • Industry leading application support and guidance to choose the best solution


  • NEW RELEASE - CTM Multi-Ejector

    The AHR Expo innovation award winner is an electronically controlled multi-ejector designed specifically for the warm climate operations of transcritical CO2 systems. It is capable of receiving energy while controlling the high pressure of the transcritical application thus delivering value to the application through significant improvements in energy efficiency.

  • 100% Green Supermarket to Achieve 30% Energy Savings

    The REMA 1000 supermarket in Trondheim in Norway stands out from most other grocery stores. It is 100% green and equipped with an innovative solution from Danfoss and SINTEF that will help the store obtain energy savings of 30%.

  • CO2 Phase Changes

    The video shows the properties of CO2 and illustrates how it behaves during phase changes. The video is excellent for educational purposes.

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