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  • In the brewing industry, control is a keyword all the way from mash to bottled product. We know that it is crucial to be able to control temperatures with a very high degree of accuracy in all the key processes at the brewery: from wort processing, yeast propagation and fermentation to final cooling. 

    With the experience and knowledge to act as a competent and trustworthy partner for the global brewing industry, we have all the refrigeration solutions to provide our customers with accurate temperature control and a consistent production flow.

    When hygiene really matters and corrosion is a serious risk due to the harshness of the environment, stainless steel is your ideal choice for refrigeration systems. The stainless steel products from Danfoss deliver reliable, precise and efficient refrigeration for breweries regardless of production scale and geographical location.

    The valves and filters are designed for the majority of modern refrigerants, including CO2 and ammonia. 


    What's in it for You?

    • Precise temperature control
    • Stainless steel products for high hygiene and low corrosion risk
    • Reliable solutions, low operation and maintenance costs



  • Precise Temperature Control From Mash to Bottle

    The diagram shows some of the critical production phases in which Danfoss solutions help breweries obtain consistently high quality through meticulous temperature control.


    Use the fold-out below, which corresponds to the pins on the image, to find out more about each process area.


  • Brewery process - Industrial Refrigeration Danfoss
  • A - Deoxygenated Water Preparation

    Deoxygenated water is used as fermentation liquid and is also vital in such processes as filtration, attenuation, clarification and tank flushing. Deoxygenated water must remain at the same temperature as the medium it is used to cool, for which very precise temperature control is required.

    Cooling way: Ammonia, CO2 or ethanol brine

    B - Beer Chilling

    Uniform product quality is dependent on maturation in a strictly controlled temperature regimen. The fermented beer is cooled quickly to a standardised temperature level and left to mature in the bottle or cask.

    Cooling way: Direct ammonia, CO2 refrigeration or alcohol/water

    C - Fermentation

    Flavor and alcohol content both rely on precise fermentation. To ensure a product of consistent quality and alcoholic content, fermentation temperatures need to be very accurately controlled.

    Cooling way: Direct ammonia, CO2 refrigeration or alcohol/water

    D - Wort Cooling

    Beer quality relies on accurate yeast propagation in the wort. This in turn relies on highly precise temperature control to ensure that the boiling wort is cooled as quickly as possible.

    Cooling way: Ice water, ammonia or CO2 for direct cooling

    E - Yeast Propagation

    Yeast propagation means providing sufficient high-quality barm at the right point in the production process. Temperature control at this stage in the beer production is vital.

    Cooling way: Ammonia or CO2 cooling

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