Management Tools

  • An ADAP-KOOL® system solution leads directly to increased control and in turn significant energy savings in your supermarket thanks to efficient control. And the savings become even more substantial and perhaps more importantly sustainable when you continuously apply the management tools that are available with the system manager


  • Measurement

    Only by measuring the various parameters in your system will you be able to optimize operation. The ADAP-KOOL® system manager allows you full transparency of everything that is going on in the store 24/7, making real time recordings of e.g.:

    • Temperature performance in counters and cold rooms 
    • Light levels and schedules 
    • In-store humidity and ambient temperature (AC) 
    • Energy consumption (kWh) overall and/or by section or assets.




    Monitoring & Reporting

    Depending on requirements and resources ADAP-KOOL® offers a variety of monitoring and reporting options:

    • Data Harvest - Danfoss deliver only the hardware and you harvest and analyze the data yourself. 
    • Danfoss Front-End - In addition to delivering the hardware, Danfoss harvest the data and do basic analyses, including HACCP Report and alarm handling. More specific analysis is up to you. 
    • Dashboard - Danfoss provides you with whatever data or report you require, including temperature quality index and carbon footprint. Data are sent to your mobile or your desk to allow you access anywhere in the world.


    Analysis is the key to turning data into valuable knowledge. By carefully analyzing the harvested data it is possible to:  

    • Normalize stores 
    • Make Store Performance Reports 
    • Compare stores in Store Ranking



    The knowledge you gain from the measuring, the monitoring and the analysis must be continuously applied to drive improvement in your system. As an experienced partner Danfoss Food Retail is always able to add more optimizing parameters to your system managers to expand sustainable operational stability and increase sustainable energy savings even further.

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