Industrial Ice Machines

  • RC- industrial ice machine
  • Every day, all over the world, people use ice for a multitude of applications ranging from keeping one’s beverage cold to much more critical applications such as ensuring a safe food supply. Industrial Ice Machines produce ice continuously for cooling foods in food processing and preservation operations; often in large scale and in the form of flakes with an output ranging from approximately 2,500 lbs per 24 hr to 60,000 lb per 24 hr.

    Important parameters for an optimal solution are high reliability and energy efficiency, low noise level, built-in control and diagnostics features as well as the possibility of using natural refrigerants.

    Danfoss offers a wide range of mechanical, electronic controls and compressors that meet the challenging demands of the industrial ice-making process.


    What's in it for You?

    • Superior temperature control 
    • Stainless steel products for aggressive environments in the food & beverage industry
    • Reliable solutions enabling low operation and maintenance costs
    • Products suitable for use with all common refrigerants, including natural refrigerants
    • Long service life


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