Milk Cooling Tanks

  • RC- Milk tanks
  • Milk is stored at the farms, in either closed or open milk tanks, rely on highly efficient cooling for temperature consistency. To maintain the quality of the milk it is quickly cooled from 100°F leaving the cow to 40°F in the milk tank. The milk tank is typically equipped with a mixer to accelerate the cooling process and homogenize the milk.

    In the Danfoss range of solutions for efficient cooling of milk tanks, solutions are suited for any tank size, any evaporation temperature and for all types of refrigerants, including low GWP refrigerants. The accurate temperature control of the Danfoss components also ensures that the milk does not freeze to avoid depleting of the fresh milk quality. These solutions are tailored to comply with national/regional legislation.


    What's in it for You?

    • Air cooled condensing units especially suited for milk tanks
    • Customized condensing units sized to fit tank dimensions and ambient temperatures 
    • A wide range of controls to secure reliable refrigeration 
    • Long service life


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