Bus and Train

  • RC-train
  • Train operators understand providing a pleasant indoor climate for their entire journey has top priority no matter the outside weather conditions and the number of passengers. 

    To meet the demanding requirements for both comfort and high reliability, the air conditioning system must be designed to consider a wide cooling capacity range and incorporate vibration-resistant components that are lightweight and compact.


    What's in it for You?

    • Expansion valves for efficient refrigeration at desired temperature 
    • Filter driers, sight glasses and shutoff valves for reliable system protection and easy maintenance 
    • Pressure switches for optimal compressor and fan control 
    • Compressors for energy efficiency, transport stability, low noise & compactness 
    • Pressure regulators for crankcase, suction and condenser pressure regulation 
    • MicroChannel heat exchangers as condenser for refrigerant charge reduction & improved corrosion resistance


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