Heat reclaim optimized with new Commercial Transcritical Heat Reclaim Valve

Today, most supermarkets opt for CO2 systems with heat reclaim for the energy efficiency and cost savings they provide. The new Commercial Transcritical Heat Reclaim (CTR) Valve from Danfoss is the next evolutionary step in improving the safety and efficiency of CO2 systems with heat reclaim by allowing full proportional control of the flow to and from heat exchangers.

- Friday, May 12, 2017 By Danfoss

The three-way electrical CTR valve replaces the ball valves that traditionally regulate the flow of surplus heat from compressor pack/rack to heat exchanger, demonstrating a break-through in the configuration of the heat reclaim solution.

The new technology applied in the CTR valve allows full proportional control of the heat flow to prevent pressure peaks that may potentially shut off the system or lead to instability lowering efficiency. The CTR valve adjusts the flow according to the actual demand for heating and hot water at any time, handling pressures up to 140 bar.

Easy to service
When designing the new CTR valve, our motivation was on improving the ease of serviceability, resulting in a valve that can be disassembled to replace worn parts within a few minutes.

“Our customers have complained about the high expenses and extended critical down times related to replacing heat reclaim valves in their systems when pipes have to be cut to replace the worn component,” said Anders Juul, Danfoss Product Manager. “That’s why Danfoss focused on constructing a valve that can be serviced in the system using just a spanner.”

Guaranteed no leaks

Even though CO2 is less harmful when leaked to the environment than HFCs, leakage remains a hot-button issue in high-performing refrigeration solutions. The CTR valve solves this issue by preventing leakage and featuring no movable parts that are in contact with the outside.

“From our close cooperation with leading retailers, we know that leakage is a growing concern,” explains Juul. “Therefore, we have designed the CTR valve as a compact and fully integrated, leak-free unit. Where other solutions have the motor and valve as two separate parts, we have built the motor into the valve. This integrated design not only eliminates the risk of leakage, but also simplifies the assembly of the system.”

Suited for warmer climates

The CTR valve supports the opportunities of recovering the large amounts of surplus heat in warmer climates from the packs and use it for cleaning of the supermarket facilities.

“The proportional control of the CTR valve ensures that the exact amount of heat required is available at any time. If you just need hot water for cleaning and no other heating purposes during the summer, the CTR valve allows you to install a smaller heat exchanger to supply what is needed. This way, you can reduce the initial investment without compromising the availability of hot water,” says Juul.

The Commercial Transcritical Heat Reclaim (CTR) Valve is available now.

Facts about the 3-way electrical Commercial Transcritical Heat Reclaim Valve

•Handles pressures up to 140 bar
•Fully serviceable cartridge design means that the valve can be taken apart for service
•Full proportional control of the heat reclaim system
•Leak tight, motor integrated in valve
•Available for combo weld or solder/braze
•Available for DN 25, more sizes will be added
•Controlled by XM208C or EKD316/C



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