Scroll Compressors MLZ and LLZ

  • Advantages

    Energy Savings - Optimize your system with a scroll compressor for refrigeration

    The combination of an energy efficient motor and an optimized scroll wrap for refrigeration applications delivers high efficiency in fixed-speed scroll compressors. Optional vapor injection boosts the cooling capacity and efficiency by more than 20%.

    Reliability - Improve your system reliability to reduce your maintenance and warranty costs

    Reliability is built into this compressor range, from the compliant scroll design and the engineered bearings to the simplified manufacturing process (30% fewer parts). The patented thermal fault protection also contributes to excellent reliability. A smart way to reduce your field service costs.

    Low sound - Improve the sound environment with the lowest sound level in the industry

    Scroll technology is quiet by design: the scroll provides smooth and continuous compression, the absence of suction and discharge valves and the unique disc check valve design ensure quiet, vibration-free operations.


    Footprint up to 30% smaller than the alternative reduces the logistics costs and frees up space in your system.

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