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  • The filter drier is a vital element of the system’s reliability as well as its lifespan. When you choose Danfoss filter driers, you are guaranteed a product that has been developed specifically for the challenges encountered in air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

    Danfoss’ range of filter driers covers both hermetic and exchangeable core types. The core makes the filter drier adsorb water and acids more effectively to prevent corrosion of the compressor’s metal surfaces and ensure that oil and refrigerant do not decompose. All Danfoss filter drier feature a solid core. Tests have shown that a solid core filter drier has a faster adsorption rate, a superior flow capacity as well as a low pressure drop, which can minimize maintenance and running costs.

    Regardless of the application, there is a Danfoss filter drier that will provide your system with long-lasting and reliable protection.


    What's in it for You?

    • Bi-flow filter driers
    • Ensure fast and effective adsorption of moisture as well as organic and inorganic acids.
    • The filter’s shell is UL approved for PS/MWP up to 46 bar/667 psig 
    • Available with solder (cu-plated steel) and flare connections
    • No dirt released by reversing the flow direction


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